The Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer Family Center for Neurobiology of Stress at UCLA

Welcome to the new portal for the Pain and Interoception Imaging Network (PAIN). The PAIN portal provides access to multiple initiatives aimed at characterization of brain signatures associated with chronic pain disorders, understand underlying mechanisms, and identifying novel treatment targets.

This new PAIN portal is now the access point for several brain imaging initiatives housed at UCLA, including the new NCCAM/NIDA funded PAIN Repository, the NIDDK MAPP Neuroimaging Network and a Network of UCLA CNS Collaborators.  All 3 initiatives are independent of each other and can only be accessed by users authorized for a particular initiative. If you are part of one or more of these groups, you can log into the relevant sites using the icon links to the right.

The PAIN Repository is a recently funded NIH initiative, which has two components: an archive for already collected imaging data (Archived Repository), and a repository for structural and functional brain images and metadata acquired prospectively using standardized acquisition parameters (Standardized Repository) in healthy control subjects and patients with different types of chronic pain. For information and how to join this initiative please visit the Join PAIN page.

The PAIN Repository provides the infrastructure for storage of standardized resting state functional, diffusion tensor imaging and structural brain imaging data and associated biological, physiological and behavioral metadata from multiple scanning sites, and provides tools to facilitate analysis of the resulting comprehensive data sets.

Again, welcome to the new PAIN network portal.

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